Day 14 Overview

-morning swim (very nice)
-Mrs. Cindy dropped us off at a gas station in Sacramento
-while getting some breakfast we met up with some avid nature conservationist girls
-after a bit our ride share person from Craigslist showed up and we hopped in and headed to San Fran
-en route, we had a lengthy conversation on the benefits of cannabis with Jerry the driver and Ace the cannabis trimmer (he works on cannabis farms basically)
-dropped off in SanFran and took some public transportation to Tiburon, where we met with some family friends and stayed there for the night

End of day 14

Day 13 Overview

-took a morning megabus from Reno to Sacramento
-in Sacramento, Mrs. Cindy picked us up and drove us to her house in Roseville, which is just north of Sacramento
-Mrs. Cindy and her husband Mr. Darrel had to go to work, so we relaxed at their house for most of the day (took a swim, got a haircut)
-when our hosts got back that evening, they took us out for a nice dinner at a local pizza place
-post pizza, we returned to their home, talked a bit, then crashed

End of day 13